About Us

About Us

Shaadimauritius.com is the first 100% Mauritian online matrimonial site of Mauritius. Getting married is a sacred event in all cultures and religions. It is an important milestone in life that weaves together two souls, two destinies and two families. It’s considered as a big and very auspicious occasion in all cultures. Different cultures have different wedding traditions and ceremonies, and every culture has its own treasure of wedding ceremonies, wedding customs and rituals.


Traditionally, in Mauritius, parents and relatives played the role of matchmakers and arranged marriages were the norm. Over time, love marriages took over the role of traditional “agwa” (marriage matchmaker).


Technology has redefined the role of the “agwa”. Couples are now increasingly being introduced to each other through the medium of internet, including matrimonial websites.


Shaadimauritius.com is not a dating website. It is rather an important matrimonial tool designed to help people find their life partners in view of marriage, keeping in mind the cultural and religious aspects associated with this event. It also promotes the sanctity of marriage.


Shaadimauritius.com aims at assisting people find their partners according to their religious and cultural requirements. We hope you will enjoy this site and find your suitable life partner.


The site caters for Mauritian citizens as well as the Mauritian Diaspora. The site also allows foreign nationals interested in marrying a Mauritian to find a perfect match, and vice-versa. The site promotes family values and virtues designed to foster healthy relationship based on culture and respect.


Shaadimauritius.com aims to be the No 1 one-stop-shop service for weddings. Its directory lists famous and reliable service providers relating to weddings, wedding organisation, wedding planning, from bridal wear to venues, from car rental to accessories, etc.


Shaadimauritius.com reserves the right to refuse the registration of members who join this site with motives other than marriage or who violate our terms and conditions.

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